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Corn harvester: a powerful boost from agricultural technology

Corn harvester: a powerful boost from agricultural technology

Nov 28,2023
Corn harvester: a powerful boostfrom agricultural technology

With the continuous development of science and technology, the degree of agricultural mechanization is also increasing. Among them, corn harvester, as an important part of agricultural machinery, greatly improves the efficiency of corn harvest and reduces the labor intensity of farmers. This article will introduce the types, characteristics and applications of corn harvester in detail, to help you better understand this important agricultural machinery.

I. The type of corn harvester


Hanging corn harvester

A suspended corn harvester is a harvester that hangs the harvester from the front and rear rack. Its advantage is that it can adjust the operation width of the harvester according to the need to adapt to the operation needs of different terrain. However, due to its structural limitations, the suspended corn harvester requires the driver.


Self-propelled corn harvester

Self-propelled corn harvester is a kind of harvester with the ability to walk by itself. It has high mobility and flexibility, and can be convenient to transfer operations. However, the manufacturing cost of the self-propelled corn harvester is relatively high, and the maintenance is also more complicated.


Traction corn harvester

Traction cornreA traction corn harvester is a harvester that pulls the harvester behind a tractor. It has good stability and operation, and can also use the power output of the tractor to work. However, the operation efficiency of the traction-type corn harvester is relatively low.


II. The characteristics of the corn harvester


High efficiency

The corn harvester adopts the advanced harvesting technology, which can quickly and accurately complete the corn harvesting operation, greatly improving the harvest efficiency.



Corn harvester has a high degree of automation, which can automatically complete the corn cutting, peeling, threshing and other operations, greatly reducing the labor intensity of farmers.



Modern corn harvesters are also equipped with an intelligent control system, which can monitor the operation status in real time and automatically adjust the working parameters to improve the operation quality and efficiency.


Wide adaptability

Corn harvester can adapt to different varieties, different growth states of corn operation, has a strong adaptability.


III. the application of corn harvester


Family farm

The emergence of corn harvester makes family farms to complete corn harvest operations more conveniently and quickly, improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.


Farm cooperation

Agricultural cooperatives can use corn harvesters for large-scale mechanized operations, improve agricultural production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the market competitiveness of agricultural products.


Agricultural science and technology park

In agricultural science and technology parks, the use of corn harvesters can better display the development achievements of modern agricultural science and technology, and promote the innovation and transformation of agricultural science and technology.


IV. summary


As an important part of agricultural machinery, the development of corn harvester is of great significance for improving agricultural production efficiency and reducing production cost. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, the performance and function of corn harvester will be more perfect and powerful, bringing more convenience and benefits to agricultural production.

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